Peter Bjorn And John - Living Thing (2009)

CONTEXT: Peter, Bjorn And John sit down with their record label. Living Thing has been mixed and just needs the label’s stamp of disapproval.

Exec: “Hey guys, um, great effort. Listen, just one minor quarrel I have with the new record, though I love the artwork by the way. None of the songs, how should I say, um, go anywhere? What I mean is that Living Thing is actually Inconsequential Thing. It’s um, Disaster Thing.”

Peter, Bjorn And John *all at once*: “What?!?!”

Exec: “Now, now, now, I know you guys have done the best record you could but it’s, uhhh, not very good. Don’t worry we’ll still be releasing Hollow Thing-"

Bjorn: “-Living Thing-”

Exec: “-Limp Thing, but I can’t guarantee that the press is going to respond too favourably to the handful of minimalist noises you’ve called songs. But don’t worry, it’s too late now. Maybe with the next record you can take some of the recording equipment out of the water, so you know, the pop melodies don’t drown.”

Peter: “Fuck you, you just want another ‘Young Folks’!”

Bjorn: “Exactly!”

John: “Yeah!”

Exec: “Haha, yeah.”

(45 - SM)
Combined Rating = 43.5

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