Justice - Planisphere (2008)

Justice, there’s scarcely anything journalistic or profound to say about them. They’re just a pair of cool mother fuckers. The point of difference though, is that Justice are a pair of cool mother fuckers who have the chops to back their chic. Their brand of elect-rock is untouchable.

Planisphere is a single song, severed into four movements. It was conceived to accompany Christian Dior’s Homme runway in 2008. It’s not difficult to envisage this authoritative hip-shaker, blaring as a broad shouldered Adonis struts down a runway in French furs. It launches with a swagger that is sustained for the duration. There’s Justice’s signature percussive slices and dices. There’s harpsichord too, adding a danceable sophistication. No one does artificial symphonies with a rock sensibility quite like Justice do. The harmonies are sleek, while the drum machines that underpin them are unruly.

Altogether, the four Planisphere movements last under 18 minutes. If you make it to “Planishphere (Final)” you’re in for a treat as a riotous guitar solo incites you to dust off your air guitar.

Pimp my ears.

(74 - SM)
Combined Rating = 76

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