Mi Ami - Watersports (2009)

Watersports is like an acid trip that goes terrifyingly awry. Instead of seeing a spectrum of colours, your senses are hounded by swamps of reptiles with oversized jaws, heavy and feculent.

Mi Ami lie somewhere between Gang Gang Dance and Can. They create free formed music, while their vocalist barks incessantly in a high pitch. There’s scarcely any discernable time structures or melodies (until "White Wife"), just harsh and chaotic arrangements. There’s elements of psychedelica, free-jazz and prog. It’s as though the drums, guitar, bass and vocals are singular units, which have been pasted on top of one another to form an incoherent collage. There’s scant regard for how the instruments actually combine (if at all).

Watersports is a long, disorientating voyage through a cluttered landscape. Undertake at your own peril.


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